Loscon 35
November 28-30 2008, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Loscon


Autograph Guidelines

We have a 3 item limit this year.  You are more than welcome to bring additional items, but after the first 3 we are requesting you return to the end of the line and repeat the process.  This keeps the line moving and everyone gets to spend a few minutes with our guest(s).

Current Schedule

Will Shetterly Friday, 3:00
J. Michael Straczynski Friday, 3:00
David Anthony Durham Friday, 4:15
Todd McCaffrey Friday, 4:15
Dr. Kevin R. Grazier Friday, 5:30
James Glass Saturday, 10:00
Len Wein Saturday, 10:00
David Gerrold Saturday, 12:30
Mike Williamson Saturday, 12:30
Larry Niven Saturday, 1:45
Mel Gilden Saturday, 3:00
Leslie Ann Moore Saturday, 3:00
Geoff Mandel Saturday, 4:15
Rick Sternbach Saturday, 4:15
John DeChancie Saturday, 5:30
Denise Dumars Saturday, 5:30
Emma Bull Sunday, 10:00
Tim Powers Sunday, 10:00
Jane Espenson Sunday, 11:15
Harry Turtledove Sunday, 11:15
Daryl Frazetti Sunday, 12:30
Laurel Anne Hill Sunday, 12:30
Barbara Hambly Sunday, 1:45
John Scalzi Sunday, 1:45

All appearances are subject to change