Loscon 35
November 28-30 2008, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Loscon

Docent Tours

Art Show Tours
by John Hertz


Try a tour of the Art Show at Loscon 35. We’re arranging a mixture of tour leaders, fans and pros, men and women, artists, critics. Talking about art is itself an art. Different perspectives can be fun.

We sometimes call these docent tours. The word “docent” comes from the world of museums, where it means a guide who is good at pointing out things worth looking at.

At a science fiction convention the Art Show is something of a sales gallery and something of a museum. Some things aren’t for sale. You can come to buy, or look, or both.

For a schedule of the tours, look in the Art Show near the entrance. We’ll try to put the schedule on the Website and in the Program Guide too.