Loscon 35
November 28-30 2008, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Loscon


Filk is the music of science fiction fandom.   The word started out in Lee Jacobs’ typo for “folk music” in an early 1950s zine intended for SAPS, but didn’t really get defined until Karen Anderson did so in Winter, 1953.   (See http://www.nightsong.com/filk/twippledop/ for scans of Karen’s zines.)   The phenomena that the word “filk” encompasses goes back to Jack Speer’s songs sung at the 1940 Worldcon, and nowadays it spreads out to include a worldwide fannish tradition to be found on CDs and cassettes, songbooks and webpages, filksong conventions and filk radio, house filks and rec.music.filk.

All fans are welcome to come to the filk room and participate.   The audience plays a key part in the filk experience.   Even if you don’t know any filksongs, you can speak up to request a song about your favorite book or movie or television show or any other subject that you’re interested in.   Folksong performers are always welcome, especially if their songs have a science fiction or fantasy or mythic connection.   Science and teaching songs are also always welcome.
And of course we’ll be having an evening filk circle at which everyone is welcome to come and share their songs with everyone else.

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