Loscon 35
November 28-30 2008, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Loscon

Regency Dance

Regency Dancing
by John Hertz


Of course we’ll have Regency dancing at Loscon 35. 
If you don’t know how, I’ll teach you.  Come in costume, or come as you are.

The English Regency period was about the year 1800. Napoleon ruled Europe, and world-class wise guy “Beau” Brummell ruled England — more or less. Right away you see the English had good priorities.

By 1811 there was a Prince Regent. History still can’t make up its mind about him. But he kept a full set of Jane Austen novels at his bedside. He must have had a sense of humor.

We fans delight in Georgette Heyer’s novels of Regency aristocrats. A dozen have been reprinted in 2008; try Faro’s Daughter or Regency Buck. Last year saw a reprint of Cotillion, with a wonderful ugly duckling — meaning Freddy Standen, not Kitty. Book dealer Marty Massoglia says Heyer is his best-selling author at cons. She kept a light touch and was a master of the telling detail

If you read fanzines, you know I tried to explain in Mimosa;

The English Regency and Me