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  LA a Note to Follow So
April 29-30, 2006


It's a musical, it's a note in time,
it may be a convention
.... Wait ....
it's La-La-Con, the ultimate party and relaxacon.

dance bar

With Writer Guest of Honor

With Artist Guest of Honor

And With Fan Guest of Honor

Plus - Video Room, InterGalactic Ice Cream Social, Plutonium Chili Cookoff, Dealers, LASFS Auction and many other surprises

$15.99 Pre-Attending (Hurry before prices go up)
$21.55 at the Door

Banquet (Italian) $6.00

Registration begins at 10 AM on Saturday, April 29


11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 760-9234
We're right close to the 170 fwy, park on the Boulevard.

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Chairman's Message

Hi Ho Kiddies

It's that time of year again.   And a busy year it's going to be.   So why not relax with some Hot Chili, Liquid Nitrogen, Cooled Ice Cream, Old Friends, New Faces, and time to say  ...  really what was in the Chili?   No seriously...

First and Formost I would like to thank the entire crew  (see convention committables/Comitted)  for all their hard work.

Also First and formost thanking our Guests for taking the time to stay and enjoy the sillyness of the LASFS.

Also Mainly and Primarily.   Thanks to all of you who make this little relaxacon a fun time.

Have fun, Relax, Buy some stuff, read the paper, have a good chin wag with the rest of the con.

Tadao Tomomatsu
Chairman, LaLaCon #12, 2006

Vice-Chair's Message

At a time like this it is hard to express my gratitude to all those who helped to create LaLa Con #12  “La a note to Follow So”,  but enough of that mushy stuff.   It is time to have fun and relax.   You know what it is to relax don’t you?   It’s lying around on couches and schmoozing with your friends, eating chili hot enough to have steam coming from your ears, watch videos, go to panels, and so much more.

A BIG thank you to our guests, to the Committee and to Tadao without them I would be pulling my hair out and talking to myself  “keep the men in the white coats away from me”.

So now go out into the world and spread the joy of LaLa Con.

Have fun.

Arlene Satin
Vice Chair, LaLa Con #12, 2006

Our Guests of Honor

Jason Stoddard (Writer Guest of Honor)

By day, Jason is just another frustrated engineer-turned-ad-guy who is busy twisting the minds of millions of consumers for his evil corporate masters.   He’s responsible for America’s obesity problem, rising consumer debt, the ongoing trouble in the Middle East, and the latest failed Mars mission.   Well, not quite.   Jason does have an engineering degree.   And he did escape to advertising.   But the companies he works with are more likely to be involved in nanotechnology, atomic mapping, or advanced communications than fast food or cosmetics.

At night, he writes science fiction that has been seen in Sci Fiction, Interzone, Strange Horizons, and Futurismic, among others.   Unfortunately, none of the agents or editors have yet believed his line that if he had a book deal, there would be less advertising in this world.   Jason wasn’t quick enough to secure the .com version of his name, so he maintains a website at   He lives in Newhall, CA with his wife Lisa, who writes romantica under the name Ashleigh Raine.   They share the house with five turtles, three tortoises, and several cars in varying states of repair.

Mario D'Anna (Artist Guest of Honor)

Was born a leggless frog with a huge afro after being a victim of Doc Hopper  ...  Wait   Wait  ..  He was born 1/2 Scottish and 1/2 Italian and is the hybrid "Skitallian" vs. Siciallish.

Ok ok.   Seriously or not so seriously is Mario.   Animator, Storyboard artist for Warner Brothers.   Many times as a Producer and every other job at the Art/Animation Departments.

You perhaps seen much of his work in the following, Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain Nickolodon's Angry Beavers Cat Dog Warner Online Creating the online Looney Toons Invader Zim Updating the new Thundercats Hong Kong Fooey New Revamp of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krypto and currently working on the new Scooby-Doo after finishing a new DTV Tom & Jerry.   Just to name a few of the shows.

He also has many interests in Sci-Fi Fantasy and the real/unreal worlds.   He likes quiet times, drawing for himself.   Model Making.   A Cordon Bleu Chef.   And model car making and upgrading cars.   Oh Ok, his current project is fixing up his neglected car.

Currently working for Warner Bros. Animation.

Kris Bauer (Fan Guest of Honor)

Kris Bauer has been a fan since early childhood when she discovered the wonderful world of fantasy and comic books.   Her first science fiction book was "Brave New World," by Aldous Huxley.   When that didn't scare her off and, several years later, at age 8, she discovered Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" (which had a distressing derth of children!), she was hooked.   She wandered through the usual variety of Heinlein juveniles, a number of selections by Ray Bradbury, all the Andre Norten books she could get her hands on and quite a few tomes by Isaac Asimov before she cleared adolescence.

The late teens were spent devouring everything by ERB, as many of the Doc Savage books as she could find, Tolkien and a wide variety of everything else she could get her hands on as well as continuing her comic book (yeah, yeah, I know, *graphic novels*) collection.   She has continued this practice (albiet, at a reduced rate due to the exigencies of day-to-day life) to this day.

In the early '80's she discovered gaming, the LASFS, fandom, conventions and filking; she has been a member of the LASFS for over 20 years now.   She has also been volunteering and working at various fan-run conventions for more than 15 years and may eventually fail her sanity check and put a bid in to run one someday.

Other interests in her life include her daughter Valentina, her extended family, her friends, cats, Brother, a wide variety of other music, Mah Jongg, Live Journal, finding a job that pays a living wage, and finding a place to live.


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Saturday, April 29th

9:00 AMSaturday Morning CartoonsBack Bldg
10:00 AMOpening CeremoniesBack Bldg
10:00 AMChili Cook-off EntriesFront Bldg
10:00 AMMah Jongg Madness with Fan Guest of HonorOutside
11:00 AMTrekies, Jedi, Sith, Brown Coats:  What are the new fads in fandom?Back Bldg
11:30 AM - 12 PMChili Cook-off JudgingFront Bldg
12:00 PMWho is Jason Stoddard - Moderated by Rina SlayterBack Bldg
12:00 PMIt's time to eat Chili Wahoo!Front Bldg
1:00 PMGuest of Honor Jason StoddardBack Bldg
2:00 PMFrom Kimba to Howling Castles.. An Anime-Ed. - DiscussionBack Bldg
2:00 PMPaper Airplane/Decorating Contest:  Best Design, Farthest Flying, Most Clever, Most Aerobatic, Carrying Most CargoOutside
3:00 PMFictionados ReadingBack Bldg
4:00 PMFond MemoriesBack Bldg
4:00 PMIce Cream Social:  Time Meddlers (with Chris Marble creating special ice cream flavors)Outside
5:00 PMEric Hoffman Presentation:  Pilots Sold And UnsoldBack Bldg
6:00 PMWho New:  The New Dr WhoBack Bldg
7:00 PMWhat you always wanted to know about women but didn't have the skills to askBack Bldg
8:00 PMDramatic reading of a newspaperBack Bldg
9:00 PMGeeky fannish toys you can't live without - Audience Participation with Tadao Tomomatsu as ModeratorBack Bldg
10:00 PMThe perfect fannish house or club houseBack Bldg
11:00 PMKaraokeBack Bldg
12:00 AMCloseBack Bldg

Sunday, April 30th

9:00 AMAnimeBack Bldg
10:00 AMAnimeBack Bldg
11:00 AMHollywood GameBack Bldg
12:00 PMSurviving a con:  What do you bring?Back Bldg
12:00 PMBalloon Art ContestOutside
1:00 PMArtist Guest of Honor Mario D'AnnaBack Bldg
2:00 PMHarry Potter for Chocolate Back Bldg
2 - 3 PMAuction Set UpOutside
3:00 PM Back Bldg
3 - 5 PMAuctionOutside
4:00 PMProgramming EndsBack Bldg
4-6 PMBack Bldg closes for Banquet Set Up: Dealers & Con Suite Tables go awayBack Bldg
6:00 PMBanquetBack Bldg

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Salad bar
Creamed leek soup
Choice of Chicken Marsala OR Tilapia with rosemary and fennel seed
Vegetarian lasagna
Spaghetti with marinara sauce
Steamed Italian vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, and carrots)

Iced tea
Lemon/Lime ade
Requests from the soda fridge - 50 cents

Italian rice pudding

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