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April 26-27, 1997


It's a party, it's a convention .... What the hey,
it's Tra-La-La Con,
the ultimate party and relaxacon.

With Special Guests

Author of
Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles
Creator of
Star Wolf (TV Series)


Writer/Producer of
Babylon 5

Artist Guest of Honor


Fan Guests of Honor


Plus   --   Video Room, Ice Cream Social, Plutonium Chili Cookoff, Medieval Banquet, Dance, Art Demos, Gaming, Dealers, and Science Fiction Auction

$10.005 Pre-Attending,   $12.34 at the Door

ATTENDANCE LIMITED to 150 / Call for Speaker Confirms

11513 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601
We're right close to the 170 fwy, park on the Boulevard.

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The annual theme for the convention is to promote and encourage local talent, so who better to have as our guest this year as local-makes-good David Gerrold, whose work in media and print have made him known to an international audience. Also, Selina Phanara is a local artist whose skill with paper cutout art has defined a new arena in SF artwork. We honor her artistry with a special convention t-shirt featuring an original artwork design. Len and June Moffatt have been steady attendees of conventions, convention runners, and supporters of science fiction fandom since the 1940's. We welcome them to our special weekend and honor them at our Sunday Festival banquet, where they will serve as King and Queen during our live-role playing event.

Well, here we go! Enjoy the weekend, visit with friends, and remember, have some fun!

-- Michael Donahue
Chair, Tra-La-La Con

Guests of Honor

David Gerrold (Guest of Honor)

David Gerrold is the award-winning author of many groundbreaking science fiction novels including "When Harlie Was One," "The Galactic Whirlpool" and the landmark "War Against the Chtorr" series, as well as the non-fiction book "The World of Star Trek".   His screenplay for "The Trouble With Tribbles" is counted as one of Star Trek's most popular episodes ever, so much that it was recently revisited on Deep Space Nine (where David guested as an extra).   He was also responsible for much of the early production of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and is a past president of the LASFS.   David is currently embroiled in pre-production of his series Starwolf, which is based upon his novel "Voyage of the Star Wolf".

J. Michael Straczynski (Media Guest)

Joe Straczynski has joined us at the past two La-La-Cons, usually in conjunction with his television series, Babylon 5, which is inarguably the most popular TV science fiction series among fandom today.   Babylon 5 is currently in its fourth season, and any time Joe does a convention, the B5 event is certain to be well-attended.   Joe is also the former producer of Murder, She Wrote and other TV series, and the author of such books as "Othersyde" and "The Complete Book of Scriptwriting".   He lives in LA with his wife, author Kathrynn Drennan.

Len & June Moffatt (Fan Guests of Honor)

Len & June Moffatt are active members of LASFS and Los Angeles fandom; as a matter of fact, Len is the longest continuing LASFS Thursday attendee today.   The winners of the Evans-Freehafer Award for service to the club a few years ago, Len and June are responsible for starting Bouchercon, dedicated to the mystery genre.   They met and eventually married through the club.

Selina Phanara (Artist Guest of Honor)

Selina Phanara is a local artist and LASFS member.   Her works are mostly paper-cutout and have been displayed at many local conventions including Loscon and Gallifrey.   Selina also designed the t-shirt for this year's La-La-Con convention.
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Saturday, April 26

10:00 AMLibrary Open-HouseHost: Michael Mason
10:00 AMCartoons
(Back Building)
11:00 AMFan Story TellingLen & June Moffatt
Bill Rotsler
and others!
12:00 PMChili Cookoff
(Front Building)
12:30 PMSMOF Panel-
"How to Manipulate Fans, Run Cons,
Start Secret Societies,
all for the love of SF"
Bruce Pelz
Ed Green
Mike Donahue
Shaun Lyon
2:00 PMGuest of HonorDavid Gerrold
3:30 PMWolfmill Productions' "Pocket Dragons"Craig Miller
Marv Wolfman
4:30 PMCrafts Demo - Glass EngravingTheresa
5:30 PMBreak for Dinner 
7:00 PM"Beyond the Rim" Ice Cream SocialTime Meddlers
of Los Angeles
7:00 PM"Shadow Dancing":
The Tra-La-La-Con Dance
8:30 PMThe UCLA Enigma Players Performance 
8:45 PMBabylon 5J. Michael Straczynski
10:00 PMVideos 


Sunday, April 27

10:00 AM"They're Coming to Conquer The World ... Again"Eric Hoffman
11:30 AMArtist Frank Kelly-Freas 
12:30 PMGlorious Galaxies - Astronomy LectureDr. Robert Hurt
2:00 PMArtist GoH Crafts DemoSelina Phanara
3:30 PMScience Fiction AuctionHosted by
Bruce Pelz
5:00 PMTra-La-La-Con BanquetPresided by
Len & June Moffatt
Ed Green
Charles Lee Jackson II
7:30 PMMiscellaneous Videos

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